About Denver DataMan

Empowering companies to thrive through the efficient use of technology!

Denver DataMan is a training driven application development firm founded in 2006. We believe in providing custom solutions backed by training for our clients in order to increase efficiency. We service clients in many industries and with a wide variety of software.

Our projects range from Microsoft Office training for small groups to creating complete websites and web applications to providing training to Colorado Workforce Centers and their clients. We span such a wide variety of topics because we focus on training and build the tools our clients need to connect their business systems.

So, What Is a Training Driven Application Development Firm Anyways?

Denver DataMan starts with training and then builds the tools needed to fill the gaps between what can be trained with existing tools and what needs to be made for clients to have the proper tools they need.

How We Do It

Denver DataMan starts every project getting to know our clients and their specific needs. In a training project we will find out what tools you use and what functions you need to use better. In an application development project we still want to know what works so we can build on that to make a stronger system.

Process Example

We believe that when it comes to websites and applications a clear plan is always necessary. Planning is an iterative process, however it is important to understand what the end goals are (at the current time) to know what to build. Planning also must take into account business processes, available systems, financial resources and other factors that will impact the building and adoption of a new system.

As trainers we know that everything we do must have a training component. Training could be as simple as making sure you understand what we are doing so expectations are mutual to complete training packages.

We are a platform neutral firm. We have platforms we generally use, like Drupal, but it does not mean that we do not provide training in other content management systems. This is true across the board for all Denver DataMan services. For more information about what Denver DataMan does and how we do it click here for FAQs.