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Will We Ever Learn

Since the advent of the Internet the ability of fans to share brands and shape brands has never been more open. Many are afraid of what it means when fans, clients, detractors and others can have fun with, share, mock, or otherwise talk about a brand.

The E*Trade Babyis a popular character representing the E*trade Brand. With recent turbulence in the marker a funny (yet somewhat crass) version of an E*trade baby commercial was made. E*Trade got it taken down for copyright infringement.

Denver DataMan 5 Years in Review

It is a tradition at Denver DataMan to stop and pause at our anniversary and share what is happening in the firm. Last year when we celebrated 4 years we shared exciting news about the growth of the company and our ability to expand the areas we serve. In this year we have begun to solidify these new areas. Birthday Cake

Andre and Steve Write About Resources for Jobs in ICOSA Magazine

ICOSA Article Screen ShotAndre Takacs and Steve Kessler have been honored with the opportunity to write about Resources for Jobs for Colorado's Underemployed and Unemployed Article in ICOSA Magazine. Read the article in this PDF from the magazine.

Google+ For Business

Last week I started a general review of Google+ however this week I want to dive into the business aspects of Google+. The first thing to say is that as of right now business is persona non-grata on Google+. Do not attempt to use Google+ for business at this time.

Using Facebook Public Profiles as Yourself

By default Facebook has you post on your Public Profile with the name of your Public Profile. In the past this was the only option. You can now post as your personal account rather than your business.

While some may not want to do this others will want to extend their social presence by using their personal accounts. The efficacy of this is a topic for another post.

To switch the setting so that you can post as yourself do the following.