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4 Ways For Small Businesses To Check-In To Customers' Engagement

Location-based check-in services are increasing in popularity. Foursquare who recently hit their 10foursquare logo million users benchmark, and SCVNGR (created by Google) integrated a gaming element into their service where people earn badges and mayorships.

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Social Media Marketing: What’s the Verdict?
I attended the Social Marketing for Business Meetup at the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce and got to hear local attorney, Elizabeth Lewis speak about copyright laws in relation to Social Media.
The Internet is a fascinating environment of information and legal obligations.

Denver DataMan Nominated for CSIA Apex Award

Denver DataMan has been nominated for the CSIA (Colorado Software and Internet Association) Apex Awards. We are very excited to be nominated amongst so many other great tech companies in Denver. The award ceremony will be held July 12, 2011 at the University of Denver Newman Center. Check out all of 2011 nominees.

Tracking Mobile

As marketers we love the Internet because we can track and quantify almost everything. In an article I wrote, Numbers Count, I discussed the importance and value of analytics. But to sum it up, you should be able to tell how many people are using your website and what they are doing with it to better optimize it for your users.

TED Presentation on Building a museum of museums on the web

AS you might imagine I use the Internet a lot. As a developer it sometimes takes a lot to impress me. Once you understand how the technology works and you live it you can become jaded because you get how it works. Here is a technology that amazes me. Though at its core the only new technology is a camera capable of taking a picture with so much detail.