Denver DataMan (DDM)

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The Bountiful Harvest of Social Media

Social media is a field of crops that the populous is harvesting in order to suit their needs and appetite for personal and professional connections. Businesses are cultivating these crops in advantageous ways to better connect with others and gather followers in order to reap the benefits, creating a cornucopia of knowledge.

DDM Mentioned in The Business of Changing Lives

I am excited and pleased to announce that Denver DataMan and myself have been mentioned in the book The Business of Changing Lives: How One Company Took the Information Superhighway to the Inner City by Allan Weis.he Business of Changing Lives: How One Company Took the Information Superhighway

"With his teammates, Steve Kessler created a website on computer for ThinkQuest 1998, and then took second place for The Art of Speech in the year 2000. After college, he set up his own data management company, Denver Data Man. "My ThinkQuest experience influences everything I do," he says."It taught me me project management, research, and communication skills. For The Art of Speech, I managed the team over three time zones and produced over three hundred pages of content. And I helped develop systems for content control that are still useful today." Steve currently works for KidsTek ( teaching at-risk kids how to use computers."



The New Denver DataMan Website

I am starting to work on the new Denver DataMan website that will be done by the end of the summer if not sooner and it is helping me refine my process that I do with my client in helping them develop their websites.