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Facebook – Business Tool or Business Toy?

In my article Attention – The New Currency I told readers that I would outline technologies that are available for them to try and get the attention of readers, customers, prospects, supporters, the media and others. I am going to paint with a narrower brush than to just cover social networking and focus this week on Facebook.

New Social Network User Demographics

There are new statistics out from Pew Internet & American Life Project and reported on eMarketer Daily. These statistics are showing that adults are starting to use social networks. What this means is that even more eyes are there to see businesses online. Social networks provide an opportunity to build relationships with your clients and prospect.

Starbucks and a Mixed Bag of Consumer Feedback

For those who know me, you know that I love my Starbucks. I have my coffee almost every morning and hold many meetings there. Today I had a less than satisfying experience so I went to the Starbucks website and told them so. It took me a while to find a place to tell them what I was thinking BUT they wrote back with a personal email that required them to have read my post!

Online Collaberation

Many Denver DataMan clients wants to learn how they can collaborate with others in their organizations at all or more effectively. There are lots of tools include Goolge Docs, Base Camp, Go to MyPC/Meeting and others. Microsoft's tools have been seen to miss the mark. In the next version of Microsoft Office (Office 14) your Internet browser will now be your platofrm for online colaberation using Micrsoft Office.

My first 23 Days with Twitter:

Twitter is a tool that lets you share sort blasts of information over the Internet. These short blasts are called tweets. Some say that Twitter is social networking, I like to think of it more as blogging, and micro-blogging at that. When someone posts on Twitter it’s called a tweet, tweets can be up 150 characters and are just short updates.

Department of Homeland Security Works to the Secure the Internet in the US

As those of you who read my blog regularly know security is something that I find very important. Right now viruses are up, spyware is up, hacking is up and there are many other problems because of malicious computer use. On July 20th the routers for the nation of Georgia. The Department of Home Land Security has announced that they are going to spend 2.9 million dollars per-year on securing the Internet infrastructure rather than $600K that they have been spending during the past years.

Seth Godin on Social Networks

Seth Godin is the author of the great book on building online communities Tribes and is also a renowned marketer. These are his words about quality of online network connections VS. quantity of online connections.

Windows 7 Is On Its Way

A question that I get all the time is should I get Windows Vista. The answer is usually, only if you are getting a new computer with a lot of power. Upgrading to Windows Vista has been a bad idea in almost every case. Windows Vista needs a ton of power and has had trouble with older hardware and software. Windows Vista made a lot of advances but the product has been marred by bad reviews and problems that have overshadowed the advancements.

Lots of Great Reading

Recently I have been doing lots of great reading, well listening to learn more about the way the Internet works and how it is changing our world. You can keep up with my reading list in full using my LinkedIn Profile and the Amazon Application or I tend to blog about books I am reading here.

The Future of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is the most popular office productivity application in the world. Other vendors have been trying to break into this market by providing tools at less cost or with new features. Collaboration has been a primary feature in the fight for the most feature rich application.