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Firefox Targted by Malware

Users are often told to feel safer (including by me) if they use Firefox because of its more secure design and because less spy ware and malware is made for it. Today it was released that there is new Malware (malicious software) that "[the malware uses technology to] identify more than 100 financial and money transfer Web sites, including Barclays, Wachovia, Bank of America, and PayPal along with two dozen or so Italian and Spanish banks.

What to Blog On

At least 2 or 3 times a day I see things that would be worth blogging on but I cant blog on every technology article I see, the books I read, the new products I see. This is a challenge for me many bloggers. I want this blog to be high quality information and a lot of information but I don't want to post too much. I wish I had a magic formula for myself and other bloggers to say this is what you do but I do not. I think the key is to think would I want to read this if I was on this blog or would the people who read my blog want to read this.

LinkedIn Ads

Denver DataMan will be hosting a Email Marketing seminar on 12/2 and I am trying to expand the audience for the session. To do this I started looking at LinkedIn events and I posted the event and then decided to connect this with a LinkedIn events ad.

Whats in a Name?

eMarkerter Daily released a report this morning from a November 2008 study done by MailerMailer, that found that email open rates for commercial email has fallen. Though this may sound like bad news for those of us who use email as a marketing tool however don't fret we just need to return to core principals and we can beat the odds.


Last week I read Judith Briles article in the Denver Business Journal called Tech devices are fun - but face-to-face talk is better. I would have to agree with every major point in her article especially her point to "Let technology enhance - not dominate - your personal and professional life."

Denver DataMan Takes Best New Show

Chase ATMs

I use technology every day, serving my clients, talking on my cell phone, connecting with friend on Facebook and in any number of other ways. I must admit it takes a lot to rely impress me with a new technology. I have recently found a technology that though it has been use in other ways for some time I love its new use.

10-7 Ask the DataMan

On Tuesday 10-7 Denver DataMan celebrated joining the South Metro Chamber of Commerce. As part of this event Steve Kessler of Denver DataMan answered questions from the floor. Here are some the of the questions we addressed and the resources that were given to solve problems

Defining Yourself as an Expert Online Part 6 of 6

For those who have read all my blog posts for the last 5 weeks about using the Internet to define yourself as an expert I appreciate it. For those of you who have not you might want to look at one or all of these articles to help you get more from this wrap up.

Using Your Website to Define Yourself as an Expert Part 1 of 5

Websites have been popular for some time now. In the past, look wasn’t so polished or or you would be forced to spend millions of dollars to play with big boys. Now the tools of big business are available to everyone and more people know how to access the web and expect me from it.