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No I Do Not Want to Create a User Name and Password


Dear Google

Did you know you are writing your blog for robots? Yup. Google and other search engines are essentially just robots looking on the Internet for your content. When they find your content they index it and then share it with users as they search for your content. You can read my Creating Yummy Google Food article.

The Future of Publishing

We live in a world of messages. This world has been evolving greatly with the advent of social media and tools like this blog. When anyone can blog and use blogs to define themselves as experts what does that mean for the future of publishing? Watch this video and remind yourself that the future of how we take in information is a future where each one of shares and we pay attention to the things we care about.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

QuestionsThe other day I was at my friends wedding and the priest gave the new couple a great piece of advice, advice that transcends religion, relationships and business. “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Such a simple statement that somehow covers anything from newlyweds to determining the needs we have for a new website or new software.

How do you learn what you don’t know? You ask an expert. They may not know the answer but they know the questions you don’t know to ask. They know things you don’t know.  Your staff knows things about your business you don’t know, your customers know even more you don’t know, and even that guy walking down the street looking at your sign knows something you don’t know. Perception is everything. 

The New Denver DataMan Website

I am starting to work on the new Denver DataMan website that will be done by the end of the summer if not sooner and it is helping me refine my process that I do with my client in helping them develop their websites.

Using Your Website to Define Yourself as an Expert Part 1 of 5

Websites have been popular for some time now. In the past, look wasn’t so polished or or you would be forced to spend millions of dollars to play with big boys. Now the tools of big business are available to everyone and more people know how to access the web and expect me from it.