Karis Community Custom CRM and Auction Software

Project Overview: Denver DataMan met Karis Community to provide training on an Access application. The problem was that the Application did not do what they wanted and was not licensed for making changes. Denver DataMan worked closely with Karis Community to understand their needs and built a system that seamlessly integrated the contact management side of their database with the event and auction management tools they need for the biggest event of the year.

  • No one knew how to use the silent auction software.
  • Custom CRM in Microsoft Access that has the functionality for the silent auction and the CRM in one place.
  • Integrated system that saves time and allows for a smoother annual dinner and silent auction.
  • Silent auction software did not do everything that Karis Community needs it to do.
  • Provide clear training to those using the tool.
  • Staff understood the tool and were able to utilize it for silent auctions.
  • The silent auction software did not integrate with CRM.
  • Denver DataMan has worked with Karis Community when they needed added features or changes.
  • Silent auction needs to be integrated with event attendance.
  • New features needed yearly to adapt to changing needs.
Project Type: Application Development
Client Category: Nonprofit