Software Training for Metrum Community Credit Union

Project Overview: Employees at the credit union use Excel often but needed a little help to be more effective in their use. With an upgrade to Excel 2010 they needed guidance on transitioning to the new Tab and Ribbon interface. Denver DataMan provided a targeted session to their needs allowing them to be more productive.

In order to help Metrum Community Credit Union to get the right training Denver DataMan created a survey to understand the needs of the staff.


  • Determined the exact needs of the staff.
  • Put together a survey form to gauge the precise needs of the staff.
  • Metrum Credit Union staff were able to navigate the newer version of MS Excel.
  • Taught new functions and shortcuts.
  • Created training material that catered to the specific needs of the staff.
  • Employees were able to perform specific Excel functions with ease.
  • Demonstrated how to navigate the newer interface and know the associated terminology.
  • Constructed example worksheets for the staff to practice with.
  • Staff is now more knowledgeable with Microsoft Office navigation and terminology.
Project Type: Software Training
Client Category: SmallBiz