A CRM is a "customer relationship management" tool. The "C" will sometimes stand for contact or constituent. CRM's help track relationships with those people you interact with. A well-cultivated CRM will include prospects, customers, vendors, and everyone's favorite coffee flavor. 

CRM's are most powerful when integrated fully into sales processes, customer service, and distribution. 

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Selecting a CRM is not only a large financial decision, but is important in the navigation of where you want to take your business. At DDM, we work with our customers to holistically understand the balance between business and technical needs.

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DDM is platform agnostic and as such we support many different platforms. We have partners that we work with, allowing us a great versatility. If we are unable to support you, we will do our best to find you a great fit for your needs. A few examples of technologies we work with often are:

  • CiviCRM
  • Drupal
  • Insightly 
  • JavaScript Technologies 
  • Microsoft Dynamics (Dynamics 365) 
  • Microsoft SharePoint 
  • Salesforce
  • SQL
  • SugarCRM/SuiteCRM
  • WordPress

Cleaning up a CRM,  often called data cleanup or data sanitization is generally in the fun category with getting a tooth being pulled. However, when data is not organized you cannot find it nor use it well.  

If you are adding someone new, having clean data will help set the standard for the way you run your business. It also helps onboard new employees with organization from the get-go. 

We can use data automation techniques to help ease the pain of the cleanup process.   

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A CRM should always help and not hinder you. If you CRM is not supporting your business processes and helping your sales team close more deals, it may be time to swipe right on evaluating a new CRM. Many times, relationships can be salvaged and we can help you rework your existing system. 

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Data integration is the process of combining data from using separate sources in order to optimize actionable reports. Often, this includes building work flows to connect data systems together. Services such as, Zapier, PieSnc, IFTTT,  and Microsoft Flow. When needed, we build our own.

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APIs are toolboxes that developers give to each other to make it so that each application can work between one another. 

For example, in a data cleanup application we wrote we needed to validate the physical addresses that we had. We used an API provided by another vendor that validated the address by sending the original address in a specified format and getting a message back in a specified format. 

Common APIs we work with come from Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, CiviCRM, SmartyStreets, Google Maps, and many more.

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Think of a website as a place where a company provides information to their customers and prospect. They may collect an interest form or other simple information but the goal of a website is to provide information.

On the other hand, a web application is software that resides on the web. It could be a complex database, tools for processing data, a custom PDF reader, machine learning, or anything else. Though these tools reside on the Internet like a website they do more than what we generally think of a website doing.

We are not! We are a Denver based company, but can service clients anywhere the Internet goes. We have experience internationally and are happy to exceed your expectations wherever in the world you may be. 

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