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By: Heather | On: 7/11/2019
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I grew up with two parents that worked 9-5 jobs. When they came home, work was left at work, and home life came to be. As my dad furthered his career, he began to work from home, and I was slowly introduced to the concept. I followed in my parents’ footsteps; I worked 9-5 jobs for the better part of 20 years. I always viewed working from home as such a luxury – staying in on the snowy days, working in your PJ’s, take breaks as you please, etc. Yes, these are definitely some of the values of working from home. However, I have begun to understand the opposite side of the coin.  

By: Heather | On: 7/9/2019

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Being “platform agnostic” can be defined simply with a sentence or two. We do not restrict our work based on a specific product. We stay actively engaged with the happenings of multiple platforms in order to best serve our clients. No matter what your needs for a database or CRM, we want to make sure that you are taken care of with the product you need, rather than restrict you to our limits.

By: Heather | On: 6/18/2019
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A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of participating in a speed networking exercise with Firestorm that really knocked my socks off. This week, I am going to go a little more in-depth about my experiences with the event, and some small insights as a beginner. 

By: Heather | On: 6/5/2019
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Sometimes repeating yourself is redundant. The same is true for your data.

By: Heather | On: 5/28/2019

I joined Denver DataMan just over a month ago from a completely different position as a phlebotomist. There is quite a difference between drawing blood from another human being and computers. One thing remains the same: everyone’s needs are different.

Studying BoxLike any new job, there has been a break-in period and lots of learning, but the most important lesson (so far) I have learned is perspective. I have put in some serious study time with TLA’s (three letter acronyms) and learning different platforms. All of this solidifies my resolve to be your advocate.

This “fish-out-of-water” feeling has given me great insight into what our customers feel when they have a tech issue with their CRM and have difficulty articulating it to our technical staff. It has shown me what it may be like to need a new database and not quite know what you need.

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