How To Open a Stupendous Support Ticket

Masthead of Denver DataMan Support SystemTo get the best help sometimes it comes down to asking the best questions.  At Denver DataMan we have a support system for our customers so that we can help them get answers to their questions in a quick and orderly way.  

These tips are helpful for opening tickets with Denver DataMan and any software company you might need help with.  

One Issue

When you open a support request it is best to keep it to one issue. "When I click on the create invoice button no invoice is generated and the contact us for does not work."  is very hard for a support team to process. It is better to open two separate tickets. One that covers the invoice button and one that covers the Contact Us page. 

More Details Yields Better Answers

Google 404The more details that you give the better an answer a support team can provide you with. You are going to be frustrated if the team comes back and just asks you questions and has no answers. 


The best way to avoid this is to provide more details.   

  • How did you get to the page you are on 
  • What did you expect would happen
  • What happened
  • What changed that you are aware of
  • The URL you are on 
  • What browser are you using 
  • Screenshots

The details you provide help the support staff understand what you are seeing and what you are experiencing so that they can reproduce the problem and fix your concern.    

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