Learning to Work from Home

Girl in Recliner

I grew up with two parents that worked 9-5 jobs. When they came home, work was left at work, and home life came to be. As my dad furthered his career, he began to work from home, and I was slowly introduced to the concept. I followed in my parents’ footsteps; I worked 9-5 jobs for the better part of 20 years. I always viewed working from home as such a luxury – staying in on the snowy days, working in your PJ’s, take breaks as you please, etc. Yes, these are definitely some of the values of working from home. However, I have begun to understand the opposite side of the coin.  

In a Google search, I found there are articles and studies on how one can remain productive while working from home. It was then that I realized, working from home is NOT easy. An article I found particularly intriguing was from FastCompany. Like the others that I have read, it gives a bullet list of things one can do to maintain productivity. For example, you should separate your work from your living space. One of the biggest challenges for me, was the second point, creating your own water cooler chat. That social comradery you get while you work an office job can be lost in translation. It is important to remain social by going to networking events and staying on the radar. 

Another important tool that this article recommends is sticking to a schedule. This can be very difficult, especially when you are the one who is control of said schedule. Going to bed at a regular hour and adhering to a routine, are helpful in ensuring productivity and healthy work/life balance. 

After all of these articles, I still struggle a little with these things. I get better with each day, though, and appreciate the wonderful pros that working from home offers. I hope all of you out there are maintaining healthy balance as well, and don’t forget about that water cooler talk. 

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