Salesforce Turns 20!

The industry revolutionary Salesforce turns twenty. As a company that supports our customers with Salesforce, we want to take a moment and just think about how far we've come in the last twenty years.  

Twenty years ago, The Wayback Machine shows us that the Salesforce website looked like this. 

Salesforce Screen Shot From Wayback Machine

Over the years, Salesforce modernized their design (a few times) and brought in more features that make it a great choice for larger customers. Today, customers can manage contact relationships, interact with internal and external customers, manage cases, and so much more. All of this would have been hard to imagine 20 years ago. 

The largest contribution that Salesforce has given the web industry as a whole, is that they told us we did not need software.  We needed to come to their website and use their Software as Service (SaaS).  They were not the only early SaaS company, but they have done a lot to define the SaaS model that we use so much today.

Salesforce published this article that includes a great retrospective video. 


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