Salesforce has had and the Nonprofit Success Pack for a while now.  With these programs, they grant (provide 10 licenses) organizations access to Salesforce.  For some organizations, this is a great tool. Salesforce has now announced the next iteration of this, the Nonprofit Cloud.

With the new branding also comes new commitments to the nonprofit community about how Salesforce intends to work with nonprofits.  These will focus on "kits", accelerated roadmaps/investments, and education resources for users.  

The "kits" are designed to help organizations get started with best practices and bring together right tools. The first kit is called the Growth Kit and it focuses on combining CRM with marketing automation.

The second commitment is to expand innovation in the nonprofit tools that are offered.  The press release announces tools around data quality, data entry and use of the Einstein Machine Learning platform.  They have not given details yet, but they have given the name of the Einstein Analytics for Impact that will help nonprofits analyze and presumably predict the future impact of gifts and the overall organization. 

The third area is to increase the educational resources that Salesforce provides its customers. This is something that Salesforce does very well.  Salesforce Trailhead for overall education and The Power of Us Hub for nonprofits are great resources.   

In the press release above, Salesforce shows the aggressive release schedule for new features. These will help some nonprofit organizations using Salesforce and also provide some new organizations tools to come over to Salesforce.  The important thing to always remember is that choosing the right CRM is about complex navigation and that is why DDM is here to help.   

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