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By: Heather | On: 5/28/2019

I joined Denver DataMan just over a month ago from a completely different position as a phlebotomist. There is quite a difference between drawing blood from another human being and computers. One thing remains the same: everyone’s needs are different.

Studying BoxLike any new job, there has been a break-in period and lots of learning, but the most important lesson (so far) I have learned is perspective. I have put in some serious study time with TLA’s (three letter acronyms) and learning different platforms. All of this solidifies my resolve to be your advocate.

This “fish-out-of-water” feeling has given me great insight into what our customers feel when they have a tech issue with their CRM and have difficulty articulating it to our technical staff. It has shown me what it may be like to need a new database and not quite know what you need.

By: Steve | On: 5/19/2019
Diners Drive In's and Dives


I am a big fan of Guy Fieri and his Food Network show Diners Drive-Ins and Dives where he goes around the country trying food from “funky joints.” Guy likes almost everything he tries and goes flat out mad for some things while he comes up with some interesting ways to say it. One of my favorites being, “put it on a flip flop,” when he finds an amazing sauce.

By: Steve | On: 5/6/2019

Icon of an Open DoorI am very excited to announce that Heather Kessler will be joining our team full-time as, Director of Client Services. Heather comes from a wealth of experience and a customer service background spanning over 20 years.


Some of her plans for our future include: creating customer service road maps, acting as a liaison between our customers and our development team, and being that last stop before projects go live to guarantee customer satisfaction. She is beginning with one-on-one conversations with current clients to launch this new and exciting process.


You can read her bio or connect with her on LinkedIn.

By: Steve | On: 3/17/2019

CCPA LogoThe California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 or CCPA, has been enacted in California. Even if your business is not in California, your business data and data collection policies may be greatly affected.  The law is similar to GDPR in Europe, but it also has some very specific differences that companies need to be aware of.  

First, what companies are required to follow the CCPA:

  • Companies who have total annual revenue in excess of twenty-five million dollars ($25,000,000). 
  • Companies that in aggregate annually buy, sell, trade, or receives/shares personal consumer information from 50,000 or more Califonia consumers.    
  • Companies that derive 50% or more of their total annual revenue from selling California consumers' personal information

If your company falls under this scopethen you need to read on and be ready to make changes to your data collection and retention. There are legal and technical structures you need to put in place to be able to comply with the CCPA. 

By: Steve | On: 3/17/2019

The industry revolutionary Salesforce turns twenty. As a company that supports our customers with Salesforce, we want to take a moment and just think about how far we've come in the last twenty years.  

Twenty years ago, The Wayback Machine shows us that the Salesforce website looked like this. 

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