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By: Steve | On: 3/23/2018

Everyone in business has data. We collect data on our customers, our products, our support and much more.  Often the data that we want to use and understand is in disparate sources making it hard to create reports and connections.  These connections are often what can drive innovation and growth. 

There are lots of services on the Internet and tools that companies like Denver DataMan build to bring data together.  But the questions is always, why can I not just see this data in the tools I use?

Data Schema IconThe challenge is that data comes in lots of different shapes, sizes, and organizational patterns, or as we geeks call it, schemas.  If I want to compare data from two sources, I need to make sure I am comparing the same attributes. Hence, a new schema must be born that can account for the data that I am comparing. For example, if one source has data separated by hours and another by days, I will combine the hours so that they can be shown as days.  

By: Steve | On: 3/20/2018

DDM is excited to announce our new website.  This website is built on Drupal 8 allowing us to take advantage of the best of the modern web.  

CRM Navigator LogoOn top of the new look, we have streamlined the content making easier to navigate and see how Denver DataMan can help you with your projects.  You can use our new CRM Navigator that will help us help you choose a CRM.  Simply fill out the navigator and get a 30-minute free consultation on your results.  

By: Steve | On: 12/11/2017

Much is being written about the controversial United States Net-Neutrality vote.  This article that comes from the BCC has done a great job of laying things out in a way I think makes sense.  

By: Steve | On: 9/1/2016

Denver DataMan has been honored with receiving the Arapahoe/Douglas Works! Youth Council You Make The Difference award. We received this award for partnering with Youth in the Works! in order to prepare young people to be successful future employees. Denver DataMan brought on board an intern in order to enhance their real-world perspective, training, and relevant skills they need to become a productive employee.

By: Andre | On: 8/25/2011

Andre Takacs and Steve Kessler have been honored with the opportunity to write about Resources for Jobs for Colorado's Underemployed and Unemployed Article in ICOSA Magazine. Read the article in this PDF from the magazine.

This article is reprinted with permission from ICOSA Magazine.

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