Custom CRM Development

Sometimes you need a little more from your CRM than what it can give you out of the box. There is much that can be done with the customization features that come with today’s robust CRMs like Dynamics, Salesforce, and Sugar. However, sometimes you need to go further in your efforts than what these stock customizations can do. Depending on the version that you are using you may be able to upload your own code and make small or significant changes to the software depending on your needs. This means you can change the interface, add forms, create new tools, customize reports and much more right inside the CRM interface.

We, at Denver DataMan, provide custom development for CRMs both internally and externally via APIs. We use the tools for each CRM to actively determine the best way to create workflows, custom pages, forms, reports, integrations, etc. that work well for our customers.

Let Us Help You With Your Custom Development