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Management, development, support, and training for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Our goal is to understand your business so we can make CRM and related systems support your processes and bolster your bottom line.

Businesses have data from sources all over the Internet. Let us help you bring them together so you can hone your understanding of your customers.

We build apps in the cloud that leverage data to help businesses be more efficient. We leverage powerful tools to make the most of available open source ecosystems like Drupal so that our customers can find a balance between features and cost.

By: Heather | On: 6/18/2019
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A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of participating in a speed networking exercise with Firestorm that really knocked my socks off. This week, I am going to go a little more in-depth about my experiences with the event, and some small insights as a beginner. 

By: Heather | On: 6/5/2019
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Sometimes repeating yourself is redundant. The same is true for your data.

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By: Heather | On: 5/28/2019

I joined Denver DataMan just over a month ago from a completely different position as a phlebotomist. There is quite a difference between drawing blood from another human being and computers. One thing remains the same: everyone’s needs are different.

Studying BoxLike any new job, there has been a break-in period and lots of learning, but the most important lesson (so far) I have learned is perspective. I have put in some serious study time with TLA’s (three letter acronyms) and learning different platforms. All of this solidifies my resolve to be your advocate.

This “fish-out-of-water” feeling has given me great insight into what our customers feel when they have a tech issue with their CRM and have difficulty articulating it to our technical staff. It has shown me what it may be like to need a new database and not quite know what you need.