Data Lifecycle Management & GDPR

Have you ever wondered where data comes from? Well, when a customer loves a company...

Data comes from many sources and takes many different forms. There is small data, big data, text data, graphics data, and all of it comes from many different sources.  It can come over the Internet or be collected when guests come to your restaurant. 

Like all things, data has a general course that it takes; some data we may collect and then disregard as being irrelevant. Most data; however, in one way or another gets stored in some form of database or file system. Increasingly, some government entities have a regulation about how that data can be captured, stored, processed, potentially shared, and so on.  


Data Lifecycle

Enter Denver DataMan. It is our role to help companies understand the data lifecycle as it pertains to the data they collect.  Sometimes this just means tweaking settings in existing systems, this can also mean changing the system data is stored in, and sometimes it means building tools to change the paradigm to one that matches the specific need of a given customer.  

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

European Union's GDPR is the clearest example of laws that impact the data lifecycle.  The regulations out of the European Union dictate how data must be managed at all stages when it contains information on European citizens.  

Denver DataMan can work with your legal team or our partners (we are not attorneys) to help you comply with the at times seemingly tedious measures in GDPR.