There Is No Perfect CRM

Diners Drive In's and Dives


I am a big fan of Guy Fieri and his Food Network show Diners Drive-Ins and Dives where he goes around the country trying food from “funky joints.” Guy likes almost everything he tries and goes flat out mad for some things while he comes up with some interesting ways to say it. One of my favorites being, “put it on a flip flop,” when he finds an amazing sauce.

There are a lot of a wonderful CRMs out there, but only a few features that I want to put on a flipflop. The imagery for eating the food off a flipflop vivid enough so I will leave it to your imagination, but to find that ideal feature requires the right balance of user interface (UI), integrative design (often called machine learning or AI now), and for it all to fit in the right place in a user’s flow.

My flipflop feature might not be your flipflop feature. In fact, a feature that works well for me and my team might stick out like a sore thumb for another team. This is why picking a CRM and the surrounding infrastructure requires a great deal of consideration.

Personally, I love the way CiviCRM (a CRM for nonprofit organizations) works with relationships better than other CRMs.  The model is about very easily and quickly showing what connection Person A has with another entity. For CiviCRM, this might be an employee of a board member or a volunteer, but you can see how this might work in your organizations as well. 

CiviCRM Relationship Example


The CRM we use here at DDM, Cloze, automatically finds people who are related to each other. This is amazing. But it does not let me comment on that relationship to add meaning to it for myself and my team. This is an example of the same type of feature that is implemented differently so it is less useful for my workflow.

What is your flipflop feature(s)? What do you have to have for your team? Sometimes your CRM will get you what you need and sometimes you need to invest in custom development. Any way you cut perfect is an elusive word.

I cannot find a quote with this, but I remember hearing Guy once saying he never calls anything “perfect” on the show. I guess I would say too -- there is no perfect CRM.

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